Message From The Placement Head

Welcome to RIIM- Pune.

RIIM- Pune has emerged as a preferred destination for those aspiring for management education and recruiters in search of high-quality potential managers. This is well reflected not only in the number of students who join RIIM every year, but also in the quality of recruiters offering careers.

The world around us is becoming technology enabled and innovations driven. The competencies that will be in demand would include collaboration, creativity and problem-solving. Besides these, character qualities such as leadership, empathy, curiosity, initiative, social and cultural inclusiveness, exposure to diversity, are highly valued qualities in the corporate arena.

RIIM has to its credit the illustrious achievement of transforming its students to become industry ready in times of changing managerial talent requirements.

RIIM has been one of the most cherished destinations for post graduate studies in Management studies thanks to its encouraging, conducive, and enabling environment for the all-round development of students into smart, sensitive and balanced professionals. We spare no efforts to equip our students through our academic delivery, market relevant electives and soft skills training to achieve their dream placements.

On behalf of the extremely talented and eager faculty team and an efficient non-teaching staff, team RIIM takes pride in welcoming students from across India to join us. Together, we will help our students to aspire, explore and unleash their potential.

RIIM is the place to nurture talents and capabilities, to evolve into excellent professional managers and truly global citizens.

Welcome you all to be a part of winning team of RIIM- Pune

With warm regards & best wishes

Mr. Akash Saxena

Vice President- Corporate Relations

First of all, let me congratulate you to have made a decision to pursue your masters in management education. It's the first step towards shaping your career. The present world offers a plethora of choices and equal distractions; it's both exciting and overwhelming. At RIIM, we give directions to young energy and equip the students to take the challenges head-on. RIIM is an exciting place to study and grow. It's a place where students become leaders, a place which paves a path for successful careers. We prepare students to take on the challenges with gusto and excel in their lives. Over the years, we have been trusted by many renouned brands and have a strong support from industry which reflects in our excellent placement records. We are determined to bring positive changes in the lives of the students and stand out to be an institute which genuinely focuses on overall well-being of the students.

I welcome you to be a part of the institute which is on its way to be a preferred destination for the students and corporates alike.

Dr. Bharti Kalia

Phd with 24 years of experience

We congratulate to all of you for choosing Management as a career option and welcome to you all to RIIM Pune. Today a successful career depends to not only upon the professional qualification but also on the relevant skills which you all possess.
RIIM has a very scientific approach in identifying individuals' abilities and not only sharpening the Skills but also developing the new skills to make students industry ready.
Along with overall personality development plans, we also concentrate on building domain-specific and specialised talents so our students start delivering from day one.
We believe in constantly bringing renaissance to our skill development programmes in order to keep up with the industry's dynamic changes.
Last but definitely not the least, RIIM's teachings are supported by strong pillars with a holistic approach for the development of the students.

With Warm Regards and best wishes...

Ms. Shruti Das

MMS with 25 years of experience

It's a competitive environment where the expectations of corporate world are sky high. The industry needs future leaders who can take up challenges and perform in uncertain market conditions.
We at RIIM - Arihant ensure that each student is given right industry exposure & skill development to meet corporate expectations. We are passionate about grooming leaders who are not only good professionals but also good human beings with strong ethics and values.
Our summer internship program is well structured activity and aims at providing our students with an exposure to corporate culture and insights about industry dynamics. With live projects to work on, a student's outlook towards work and life changes drastically after the internship.
We work towards getting some of the best of recruiters from various domains. Our recruiters are some of the dream companies to work for. We are here to provide great, challenging and equally rewarding career opportunities to our students,the future leaders.


Ms. Swati Singh

Manager - Corporate Relations, RIIM Pune

One of the prides of RIIM is that it has earned its name for training and nurturing iGen to secure a well deserving position for them in the corporate world. Since its foundation, Curricula are set to lead students, through methodological schemes, to a high degree of proficiency and academic acquisition and industry readiness.
The department has high material and faculty capabilities that accomplish our philosophy that with the right attitude, self discipline and right guidance, any student can scale heights of success in corporate world. Our state of the art classroom and smart-computing lab aid in developing language capabilities, conceptual knowledge and skills.
We believe that there are lot of employment opportunities in the Indian and International job market for the right talent and the training team saves no effort in developing extremely confident, presentable and skilfully qualifying work force that able to face the challenges innovatively and creatively of the very dynamic market space.

We welcome Management aspirants to our Institute for a great universal development experience and fast track career growth in the industry.

Ms. Fatema Abbas

MBA with 25 years of experience

I can confidently say that there are lot of employment opportunities in the Indian and International job market for the right talent. We need to have the attitude to learn and adapt quickly to the market changes and the wind will always flow in our direction.
RIIM- Arihant has earned its name for training and nurturing the talent in line with the dynamic market and helping them in placing in reputed organizations. We believe that with the right attitude, self discipline and right guidance, any student can scale heights of success in corporate world. We also believe that with repetition, any skill can be mastered and that's why we provide lot of iterations to our students via mock interviews, GD practice, extempore, case presentations, debates, concurrent evaluations etc.
We prepare our students to be extremely confident, knowledgeable and presentable during the interview process and in the real work environment.

We welcome MBA/PGDM aspirants to our Institute for a great learning experience and fast track career growth in the industry.

Ms. Prerana Verma

Manager -Training & Soft Skills, RIIM Pune

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Placement Update

Our Corporate panel ensure extensive networking with corporate for maximum opportunities for our available talent pool. This cell has put in unending affords in getting significant placements for students. It was due to its focus approach, continued efforts and several new initiatives that RIIM Pune was able to bring reasonable placements on campus and has maintained a continuous placement record of 82% in the last 5 years.

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Each year over 300 top companies visit RIIM Pune for campus placements.

Your future awaits your decision.


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