SAP is one of the eminent and largest ERP solution providers in the universe. As per record, there are about 80% of Forbes companies, and other companies are using ERP Solutions by SAP. Opt of ERP provided by SAP within almost all the prominent service sectors, like Marketing, HR, Finance, and Manufacturing etc. In India, all the big companies use SAP. The HR prefers candidates with SAP knowledge for the jobs. RIIM understands the requirement of the corporate and train the students to be ahead in the competition. RIIM provides on software / practical training to the students in 3 modules, which are FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling) for Finance students, HC (Human Capital) for HR Students & SD (Sales and Distribution) for Marketing Students.

Students not only learn the theoretical aspects of SAP, but also practice it and make themselves job ready. FICO Module includes Overview of Finance, Finance and Controlling, Creating Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss. HC Module includes Human Capital Overview, Employee Central (EC), Recruitment Management (RCM), Performance Management & Goal Management (PMGM), and Succession Planning (SP). Whereas SD Module contains Sales and Distribution in Real world, Meeting Customer Requirement, Order to Cash Process, and Distribution Channel etc.

Grooming leaders who are not only thorough professionals but also good human beings with values.



The Six Sigma Green Belt certified professional specializes in taking care and handling of particular projects with a strategic oriented approach. Any organization that does have a Green Belt certified expert can benefit from having their complex matters treated with the professionalism that Green Belt training offers. Being a Green Belt certified professional equips you with various skills that benefit not only the organization you work for, but your individual everyday interactions as well. The Six Sigma Green Belt training improves the ability to confidently discuss rather complex subjects, effectively solve problems, and provide useful recommendations. It gives you confidence in effectively finishing projects and reducing operation costs for your organization.

The professional Six Sigma Green Belt Training at RIIM concentrates on all the five phases of productivity i.e. Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, & Control. Students are trained with practical case based approach, which keeps them ready for any future incident happens in the organization.


Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the tools, technologies, applications and practices used to collect, integrate, analyze, and present an organization’s raw data in order to create insightful and actionable business information. BI as a discipline and as a technology-driven process is made up of several related activities, including: Data mining, Online analytical processing, Querying, & Reporting.

Business analytics, a data management solution and business intelligence subset, refers to the use of methodologies such as data mining, predictive analytics, and statistical analysis in order to analyze and transform data into useful information, identify and anticipate trends and outcomes, and ultimately make smarter, data-driven business decisions. It includes Data aggregation, Association & Sequence identification, Text mining, Forecasting, Predictive analytics etc.

The certification is also treated as a gateway for prestigious Annual International Business Plan Championship at IIM. By the end of the certification, all the students are asked to prepare the presentation o the given BI topic. Top 5 students per group of 60 students get selected as Zonal (Institute) level winners & represent RIIM at this prestigious event. This year, 30 students (6 teams of 5 members each) got the opportunity to present their business plans at IIM – Bangalore. Team Hatched from RIIM, Pune was declared as 2nd Runner-up at the Championship.



Microsoft Excel is an application tool which is widely used in the world. It is used by all most every organization and by an Individual for various purposes at their own level. This application tool is so helpful that most of the organization provides Microsoft Excel courses to their employees for the overall growth development of the organization and individual. MS Excel is considered the best spreadsheet tool which is used for calculation, graphical representation of data, developing pivot charts and tables and much more. The numerous benefits associated with advanced Excel course include increases productivity by saving a lot of time, become proficient in spreadsheet management, develop charts and tables effectively, using VBA and macros for developing customized programs, ability to work with safety and security, conditional formatting, help to identify trends and perform accurate data analysis.

RIIM, Pune provides MS-Excel training starts from basic level and goes up to advanced level to all the students. In two semesters, it covers all the practical aspects and implementations of MS-Excel in the organization.


It has been the endeavor of NSE Academy to spread knowledge about financial markets as widely as possible. As part of this endeavor, we have been organizing 'Visit to NSE' Program, under which groups of students visit NSE to attend a 2-hours session. The session includes lectures on 'Overview of the Exchange', 'Capital Markets', 'Derivative Markets' and 'NSE Academy's Certification in Financial Markets (NCFM)'. In this session, the students learn about stock exchange structure, its operations, products traded on it and so on. They also learn about NCFM certification which not only expands their knowledge base, but also improves their career prospects.

This program is conducted in the Mumbai office where RIIM coordinates with NSE and visits to the Mumbai office. The students not only learn the theoretical aspects of Stock Exchange but also witness the live demonstration of investment & trade.


Secondary Market refers to a market where securities are traded after being initially offered to the public in the primary market and/or listed on the stock exchange. The stock exchanges along with a host of other intermediaries provide the necessary platform for trading in secondary market and also for clearing and settlement. The securities are traded, cleared and settled within the regulatory framework prescribed by the Exchanges and the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). With the increased application of information technology, the trading platform of the stock exchange is accessible from anywhere in the country through its trading terminals. Students get to learn about Equities, Indices, Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Initial Public Offerings, Offer for Sale, Institutional Placement Program, Security Lending and Borrowing Scheme, and Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme.

Equity derivative is a class of derivatives whose value is at least partly derived from one or more underlying equity securities. Options and futures are by far the most common equity derivatives. This section provides you with an insight into the daily activities of the equity derivatives market segment on NSE. 2 major products under Equity derivatives are Futures and Options, which are available on Indices and Stocks. Students learn about Equity Derivatives, Commodity Derivatives, Currency Derivatives and Interest Rate Futures.


In today's world of modern technology, there is no denying the fact that internet marketing or digital marketing is on high demand. In just a short period of time, digital marketing has grown from a mere dubious trend to a significant influence. Even the government of India has declared to make the country digital. Earlier, digital marketing courses were considered as mere modules among the plethora of other marketing courses, but now the scenario is different, especially in India. In both professional and academic curriculums, this course has now appeared as a standalone subject in its own field.

Digital marketing is something, which plays an important role in every marketing field such as PR, media and communication. A marketing professional, without the knowledge of digital marketing can be left behind in career. On the contrary, a marketing professional with proper knowledge and certificates of digital marketing can expect significantly higher growth in terms of designation and salary. Digital media is the medium, through which the marketing professionals can reach out and understand their customers.

RIIM provides the platform to the Marketing students to get trained and certified in Digital marketing and be expert of website development with wordpress, content marketing, Social Media Marketing. Search engine Optimization, and Email Marketing, etc.


The Advance HRM Certification has been designed to provide best training to the students of HR Domain. Course covers all important topics in detail along with their practical knowledge.

Core HR, SHRM, Recruitment, Payroll Processing, Labour Laws, Form filling, Performance Evaluation, Selection, Compensation policy, etc. are all covered under the advance HR Training.

The certification is important in all aspects and beneficial in several ways for HR candidates.

Basically HR candidates take Recruitment Process very easily or either they hesitate to work as a recruiter after completing their MBA-HR. Recruitment process is delivered in such a way that candidate will enjoy the whole process while practical training.

It needs in depth knowledge of Salary components, Laws aligned with this components and new amendments from govt. It is done on software as well as manual. Basically it is used to design CTC of an employee.


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