1. Students should be regular and punctual in attending all regular classes, guest lectures, seminars and special classes whenever they are held and make timely submission of assignments and projects. Attendance norms have to be complied with the minimum requirements as per the University of Pune. Minimum attendance required for Placements and Exams eligibility shall be communicated separately by Institute at the time of commencement.
  2. After the students are provided with the identity card, they should carry it along with them all the times. In case of loss of I-card, it must immediately be reported to Administrative staff and a fine of Rs. 100/- will be levied for issuing of a duplicate card. The student has to get it re-issued immediately.
  3. No student shall use unfair means in any of tests, examinations, orals, project work arranged by the Institute. 'Unfair means' include transcribing unauthorized material, violence and intimation of students, supervisory staff and staff appointed to conduct the examination work. In case a student is found guilty of such acts, action will be taken against him / her. The nature of this penal action will be at the sole discretion of the institute.
  4. Students are required to take prior permission from the director for being absent for regular classes. They are expected to take permission in writing from the respective coordinators and Director for any social, personal and cultural gathering, festival meeting, exhibitions, sports activity, sick leave etc. otherwise it may result in leave are remain absent from the classes. Granting of leave will be at the discretion of the coordinator and Director. The student has to submit a medical certificate from a registered practitioner in case of sick leave. Absence without permission will be treated as unauthorized absence.
  5. Students are expected to wear clean and well-ironed dress while attending the Institute. On days specified by the Institute they shall follow a formal dress code. On Thursdays, students are permitted to wear smart casual dress, but not slippers. The dress code for the students is as follows:

    – College Uniform on Saturday and all other official occasions.
    – Formal dress on rest of the week days except Thursday
    – Smart Casual dress is permitted only on Thursday. Sarees/ College Uniform
    – Seminars and other occasions.

    Students are required to follow the proper dress code failing which; he/she may be prevented from attending the classes. Dress Code is applicable on all the functions, interviews and other important occasions. If a student is found violating the Dress Code rules repeatedly, he/she may be disallowed to attend the classes, library and other facilities for a period specified by the Director.
  6. Smoking, tobacco chewing, drinking alcohol and use of drugs is strictly prohibited in the premises of Institute. Students found guilty will be immediately expelled form the Institute and handed over to law enforcement authorities
  7. Damage to the property of Institute and its sister Institutes like tampering with fixtures, fittings, equipments, instruments, furniture, books, periodicals, walls, window panes, vehicles etc. will be taken seriously and is likely to result in recovery of the cost of damage and instant expulsion of the defaulting student / students from the Institute.
  8. Ragging in any form within or outside the Institute is totally banned. Defaulters will be immediately debarred from the Institute and handed over to Law Enforcement Authorities.
  9. Students will not be allowed to participate in the recruitment process by companies unless they have paid all the dues and completed their assigned preparatory work.
  10. The director reserves the right to strike off the name of the student from the roll for non-payment of the course / other dues in time.
  11. The official mode of communication with the students of the Institute will be the college notice board & the website of the institute. As such, the students are expected to read the notice board and visit the website regularly. The Institute shall not accept any responsibility for loss caused due to negligence of students.
  12. Students’ vehicles shall be parked only in the area provided for the purpose. The students themselves will ensure the safe custody of their vehicles.
  13. All the students are expected to behave well, show respect and work decently in the Institute and its premise and wherever they represent the Institute directly or indirectly, befitting a global professional. While working in the Computer laboratory and the library, decorum should be maintained.
  14. Any student of the Institute if expelled or debarred from the Institute or his / her name is struck off from the muster roll; amount paid by such student to the Institute will not be refunded.
  15. Tuition fees and other fees once paid shall not be refunded on any account.
  16. Payment of fees is to be made in the form of Demand Draft only within the prescribed dates and to be deposited with the designated bank. If a student fails to pay the fee within the set time limit, he / she may have to pay fine as deemed suitable by the management of the institute
  17. Payment of fees doesn’t make the students eligible for admission unless they submit relevant documents showing validity of purpose within the stipulated time.
  18. Any legal dispute between the Institute and a student or his / her guardian, arising out of the relation established by admission will be dealt in the court of Pune Jurisdiction.
  19. Students are bound by the rules and regulations framed by the Institute from time to time. Any violation of the rules or an act of indiscipline on the part of the student shall result in disciplinary action leading to dismissal from the Institute.
  20. The Management of the Institute reserves right to delete / add or amend the rules and regulations as and when deemed necessary.
  21. Each student is expected to adhere to the above rules and regulations and further requests students to sign the copy of this rules and regulations as token of acceptance.
  22. Further, each student is expected to give name and address, cell number of parents as well as his / her guardian for contact and emergency requirements.The information has to be up to date and inform the Institute in case of any changes.
  23. Use of cell phones in the institute’s premise is strictly prohibited. All students will SWITCH OFF their cell phones while entering the campus of the institute. If a student is found to be using the cell phone in the premise of the institute, it will be immediately confiscated and suitable action will be taken against the student. Use of laptop computers in the class rooms is not allowed.
  24. The penalties levied to the students may not be always in monetary terms. As a part of the penalty, students may have to spend a certain number of hours in the library, do some social work or engage themselves in some productive and fruitful activity. The institute’s decision about such penalties will be final and all students are required to follow it.

The Institute has a Placement Cell, which is run by placement officers and coordinators. The cell functions with an aim to provide assistance with final placements. They emphasize on continuous training and development off the students on campus.

The rules of final placement are as follows

  1. Students having consistent attendance record of 75% and above only will be eligible for campus placement assistance.
  2. Students having more than two backlogs will not be eligible for placement.
  3. If a student is recruited by a company before his/ her final examination, and fails to clear the examination, the respective company will be informed of his/her failure. The company is then free to reject the students if it wishes to do so.
  4. Attendance for pre-placement talk (PPT) is compulsory for all students. The decision to apply will be made by the student only after the PPT.
  5. Students are not allowed to approach the company directly or refuse an offer by the company or discuss salary and other details, after the PPT or during the interview.
  6. It is the responsibility of the students for keeping themselves informed about all placement activities and not the Institute or the placement cells.
  7. Students found guilty of misconduct or misinformation or purposely under performing during the selection process will be debarred from the institute.
  8. Each student will be allowed only THREE placement offers after which he/ she will not be considered for further opportunities. Once an Offer is signed and accepted the candidate will not be eligible for any further placement opportunity
  9. After accepting an offer, the student must ensure he / she joins the company on the date required (after the end of academic session). No student is allowed to join any company before the final end-semester examination, unless specifically authorized in writing by the director of the institute.
  10. The students once placed with the companies will have to maintain exemplary behaviour and work ethics failing which the Institute will hold them morally responsible as it can result into the company subsequently not participating in the ensuing campus recruitment program.
  11. Misconduct of any kind by the students in the company during the interviews / PPT will lead to disqualification of the students from final placement program. This will be done after proper verification.

Specialization and Summer Training

  1. All students have to inform the institute of their choice of specialization in the prescribed format before the end of the second semester. The specialization, once selected, cannot be changed unless authorized by the director of the institute.
  2. Each student shall have to undergo a practical training for a period of not less than 60 days during the vacation at the end of first year with a reputed company.
  3. Based on actual training during the vacation, the student shall prepare a project report on the topic selected under the guidance of an internal Guide and submit two copies of the same to the Director of the Institute before the date as specified by the University of Pune. The project Report shall be assessed by the internal guide for 30 marks through internal viva voce. The marks will be communicated by the Director to the University along with the marks for internal evaluation for all other papers. There will be an external viva-voce based on the project work at the end of Semester III carrying 70 marks. Such viva-voce shall be conducted by a panel of two external examiners.
  4. Other details regarding preparation of the Project Report will be provided in the summer project report manual which will be given in the 2nd semester of the Course.

  1. At all times, complete silence shall be maintained in the library.
  2. Smoking, chewing pan, tobacco, candy or chewing gum, consuming alcoholic drinks, spitting and such other acts are prohibited in the library and its surroundings.
  3. All the members using the library shall show discipline and avoid arguments, quarrels and exchange of un-parliamentary words among themselves or with the staff members.
  4. The library is an asset to the institute. Books and furniture and fixture in the library have to be used very carefully and preserved for posterity. As such, damage to its property like books, furniture, walls, portraits etc. shall be particularly avoided. Students found indulging in such unacceptable acts shall be dealt with strictly.
  5. Huge cash, valuables and such other undesirable items should not be brought in the library. Members having such items may be denied entry to the library.
  6. Three books will be issued to the students at a time for a period of ten days. The books must be returned / renewed within the said time period. Fine will be levied if there is a delay in returning or renewing the books.
  7. All students have to write their names and sign in the register mentioning the in and out timings.
  8. Reference books and periodicals will not be issued for home reading as a rule. Reference books and periodicals will be issued against library card for Reading room only.
  9. After the student completes the course or leaves the Institute, he/she has to obtain a no-dues certificate from the librarian. Without this certificate, he/she will not be issued the final mark list and /or the degree certificate.
  10. The librarian reserves the rights of preventing any member to enter in the library, reissue or recall any issued books as per need. In all such cases, the decision of the librarian will be final and binding.
  11. The Director and librarian reserves the rights to modify, delete any of the clauses stated above if necessary.
  12. The Library will remain open between 10.00 a.m. and 5.00 pm on all working days.

Procedure for Students to Obtain Membership

  1. The membership of the library shall be confirmed to the student by issuing a library card to him / her. A Photograph has to be submitted for issuing the same. The library card is a very important property, which is likely to be misused by others. Hence, proper care should be taken while submitting these to the librarian.
  2. The member who losses his / her library card must pay a fine of Rs. 50/- and get the same reissued from the librarian.
  3. The library cards shall be used exclusively to the students to whom it is issued, hence it is not transferable.
  4. In the event of loss of membership card, the same should be reported to the librarian in writing immediately. The members, whose membership cards have been lost, shall be held responsible for the books. In case a student loses the books or damages the books, cost of replacement with a fine of 50% of the cost shall be recovered from the student.

  1. No student will be allowed to come to the computer centre without his/her identity card.
  2. Students shall not be allowed to use the computer centre beyond the stipulated hours.
  3. The students shall have to take permission from the faculty/computer’s staff before going out from the computer centre.
  4. If there is any problem in the computer centre related to electric power or there is any system fault, the students shall have to follow the instructions given by the lab instructor/system administrator.
  5. If a student faces any problem in the computer center, he/she should approach of the lab instructor first.
  6. No student will change the configuration or the settings of the computers or load any personal effects on them. Loading of personal wallpapers, desktop themes or any other software will be considered as an offence.
  7. The students shall not be allowed to enter the computer center during their regular class, guest lectures and seminars hours.
  8. If a student wants to do extra work on computer, he or she shall have to take permission either from the faculty/ co-ordinator.
  9. Lab utilization to be exclusively for study purpose only.
  10. All floppy discs or pen drives to be used in the computer lab need to be screened for the presence of viruses or malware before their use.
  11. If a student is found damaging any property of the computer lab/computer centre, he/she will be fined severely as per the discretion of the director, which will have to be deposited immediately.

Any student found violating any of the rules shall be debarred from the use of computer centre and shall not be permitted to enter the computer centre for a period specified by the director. He/she will be levied suitable penalty.

Each subject examination consists of 100 marks out of which 70 marks are for external evaluation by the University of Pune and 30 marks are for the internal evaluation marks are awarded by the subject teacher for the following purposes.

  1. At the end of every month, the students are required to attend class test/tutorial for each and every subject. In this test he/she will be examined on the basis of the syllabus taught by the teacher. Each test will be of 20 marks. During the course of subject teaching, the student will have to make a presentation on the topic notified by the teacher. Evaluation will be done on content, presentation and participation.
  2. At the end of the semester an Internal Exam covering the entire syllabus for the subject will be conducted. All marks received by the students for the various purpose i.e. class test, assignments, seminars and discipline/attendance (including reciprocities attitudes of the students towards teacher) and internal Exam will be summed up and proportionately for the 30 marks evaluation.


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