RIIM Pune believes in holistic development of all the students. The programs are specifically designed to provide Advanced Employability and Leadership Development Programme. This uniquely designed programme for our students focuses on Personality Development & General Awareness, Aptitude Training & Testing, MS Excel Proficiency and many more. The sessions are developed with the intent to groom the overall personality of the student. The sessions also focus on Personal Interview & Group Discussion techniques. The JD (Job Description) specific sessions help students to get the insight of the company’s requirements and prepare them to get the best of the career opportunities.

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Activities like 1 Minute Introduction, Elocutions, Presentations (Case Analysis and Topical), News Analysis, Role Plays, Editorial Review, Report Writing, Précis Writing, Comprehension, Book Review and Creative Writing are the regular parts of the Students Enhancement. With such sets of activities RIIM Pune intents to develop the communication as well as writing abilities of the students.


As one of the major criteria in selection process, all the students regardless of the specializations must be proficient in the aptitude. Most of the renowned brands start their campus placement process with Aptitude Testing so yearlong inputs on various topics are provided to students with regular mock tests to evaluate their performance. RIIM – Pune understands that requirement of the corporate and provide comprehensive aptitude training to the students


With the world of business and trade changing from regular paper work and posts to the usage of software, systems, ERPs, MIS and other IT tools like Excel, Tally, Digital Marketing, SAP, MIS, IoT, R Programming and AI etc. The need for a management student to learn and develop IT Skills has risen. Companies require the management students with IT skill sets. Students with such profeciency are considered as valuable assets for the organization.

RIIM is committed to bridge this gap. Hence, as per the requirement of the industry, we provide Advanced Employability & Leadership Development Program. RIIM offers the following IT skills development modules to the students_

  • Basic & Advance Excel
  • Basic and Advance Digital Marketing
  • SAP (Marketing, HR & Finance related Modules) as additional and functional modules


A good and meaningful Placement is the desired outcome of any Management Programme and we at RIIM don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to hitting the bull’s eye. Placement preparation is a long and continuous process till finally the dream comes true for the students. Various elements of placement preparation are as follows

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CV Preparation

Since every student is different and comes with different set of achievements, skills, internships, interests so we assist every student to align same in their CV which helps them during their interview process.

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Mock Interviews

Multiple rounds of mock interviews are conducted with the students by Internal and External Experts to help students realise their performance, discuss areas of improvements till the students feels confident about himself/herself.

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Mock GD’s

Since GD comes in various shapes and flavours so throughout the year, students undergo practice for same with different formats of GD with a range of topics.

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Aptitude preparation

Most of the renowned brands start their campus placement process with Aptitude testing so yearlong inputs on various topics are provided to students with regular mock tests to evaluate their performance.

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Domain Input Sessions

To handle the domain/function related questions during the Interviews, we impart domain capsule sessions via our Practicing Functional Experts who provide the contemporary knowledge and trends in the domain and discuss practical applications of various core concepts.

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Live Internships

Hands on and learning by observation is one of the best forms of learning. Our Industry partners offer short projects for 5-20 days where students are engaged in on-going projects of the companies which help students to learn in Live work environment under the supervision of experts.


The core objective of having 500 hours of Soft Skills training is to boost the Confidence of the student. Management is more about mastering Soft Skills along with the functional or technical skills as we deal with humans at the end of the day. At RIIM we understand the importance of Soft Skills in the industry so a great emphasis is laid on developing and enhancing same. 500 hours journey of Soft Skills programme includes

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Business Communication

This includes writing professional Emails, Meetings Management, Report writing, Creative writing, Art of Listening, Giving and Receiving Feedback.

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Outbound Trainings

A large number of topics like Team Building, Problem Solving, Creativity are best taught on the Field and Outdoors.

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Presentation Skills and Public Speaking

In the corporate one has to deliver lot of presentations like Product presentation, Policy presentations, Sales report presentations, Training presentations etc. so one should be comfortable around people and tools of same.

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Personal Management

All management lessons starts with excellent self-management skills so we encourage students to practice self-management skills and train them on areas like Goal setting, Time management, Self- discipline, Grooming etc.

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Leadership Lab

In this, students gets practical exposure to manage a group of people and ensure the completion of tasks. Understand various stages of team formation, identifying issues, conflicts and solve them.

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General Awareness

News Discussions and quiz are held regularly with the students to keep them updated with the happenings in the country and around the world in areas of Business, Politics, Economics, Science and Technology.


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